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Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
hear the case. the city and county clerks are calling the attorney general's office to ask for advice on how to prepare in case same-sex marriage legalized again. >> a job in the bay area pays 35 cents an hour and people are lining up to work. the felons are getting a lifeline from nasa. the space agency is taking the concept of rehab to another world. >> inside this old machine shop, felons are reaching for the stars. >> the whole nasa thing is -- wow. you don't even get that at the best technical schools in the prison. >> studying math and science and under the strict supervision of nasa, these inmates are building metal cubes that may some day carry miniature satellites into space. >> do you program this? >> we sit here and they are proud of what they learned. >> i didn't know the name ofs or how to use them. >> richard runs the shop. >> i'm really finicky about the work they do. >> a veteran, the peace keeper missile and space shuttle, this job is the most rewarding. >> to not only watch the guys grow with their skills. >> here they help each other, a stark contrast to the outside
Nov 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
off the road out of the parking lot earlier today. >> reporter: in redwood city, a tree came down on a pickup this morning. no one was injured. in san francisco, the fast-falling rain flooded streets and sent water gushing in to storm drains. in san jose the rain was less of a problem but city crews have sandbags ready and checked the 26 storm water pumps to make sure they are working okay and ready to pump out rain water from low-lying areas. >> we are prepaired for it. we have crews on standby and ready to gene we will be there to respond. >> the weather made driving treacherous. a cargo van spun out and created a chain reaction. >> what is crazy, the speed limit, most people were going over the limit even though there is huge puddles, hydroplaning going on. >> reporter: another van lost control and flipped on its side in san jose. the chp is reminding drivers to slow down, especially when the roads are slick. >> for them, driving really fast on this dangerous road. it's like it is not a big deal. which is for me stupid. you have to slow down. it's your life and you are putting it
Nov 29, 2012 11:00pm PST
, the restaurant owners aren't taking any chances. >> the city of petaluma or petaluma police department offers them. so, might as well take precautions. >> reporter: cities and counties all over the bay area are watching rising rivers and creeks. >> certainly, if there's a lot of rain between now and the fourth storm that come throughs, that could be a concern. >> reporter: some are out enjoying the storms. rusty is preparing for the worst, at a sandbag station in petaluma. >> we had over 150 sandbags already. but it's not enough to seal off the building. we have to get 50 more. a last-minute run. >> reporter: filling bags with their hands in the rain. this team hopes the effort will keep the family business dry. >> hopefully it's just a preventative measure. >> reporter: with flooding possible, rls technology is counting on this wall of plastic and sandbags. employees say the building has flooded before. that's part of the reason why they put so much effort into protecting it tonight. like so many others, they'll just have to wait and see if the water rises and if what they
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3